Steffen Basho-Junghans - IS

‘IS’ by steel string guitar master Steffen Basho-Junghans is available in two formats:

1:Super heavy weight deluxe vinyl (200grams) that comes with a free digital download for those long walks with the ipod.


Steffen Basho-Junghans - IS LP & mp3s

Includes Postage and Packing
Sent 1st Class
Vinyl’s out of sleeve in good packaging.

2:Or if you want to skip the vinyl and just go for the download go to:

Happy Saturnalia Gift Card by Richard Dawson
How Many?
Richard Dawson Collage Post Card Collection SOLD OUT

Richard Dawson is known widely as an expressive balladeer having earned accolades from the likes of Stewart Lee, appeared on the cover of The Wire, recorded repeated sessions for radio 6, and headlined countless sold-out concerts to stunned crowds. Not so widely known for his visual work, his exploration into collages came about shortly after moving into the house of Ben Jones and Sarah Sullivan (two thirds of seminal noise-improvisers Jazzfinger). The house itself is a celebration of creation, probably one of the most decorated houses in Newcastle, every inch is covered in stunning textures, for instance hundreds of original wooden moulds for train-engine parts, stones and bones, objects found on moorland walks, gig posters, and an ever growing array of artworks. Staring at the mind-bending imagery that adorns every inch of the house walls and observing the progression of Ben and Sarah's improvised collaborative pastelworks helped inspire Dawson to create his own visual work. Suffering from a degenerative eye condition called juvenile retinoschisis has changed his vision on the world. He is fascinated by the shifting nature of perception, and the inherent blurriness of borders and boundaries. As with his music the collages he creates are both carefully crafted and ragged, earthy and psychedelic, chunky punctuated textures hanging in space like alien glyphs, bells of colour ringing out a fractured sacred imagery.

We are offering this 13-postcard set. All originals and more are currently exhibiting at The Triangle of Shipley until 11th September 2015.


The Family Elan - Bow Low Bright Glow (Gatefold CD)
“Bow Low Bright Glow” is a communal excavation and re-presentation of buried European folk and sufi-hearted music than any form of experiment. Family Elan are alone in their field. Here, Chris Hladowski has put together a collection of original numbers, visions created from lost / found tapes and traditional pieces that are a fitting companion to Family Elan’s “Stare of Dawn” debut. Alongside Hladowski’s voice, there’s the vocal input of Nalle’s Hanna Tuulikki – a voice as easily capable of gentle Qawwali as it is folk song. This is a record of heavy treble intricacy, Hladowski’s saz and bouzouki playing encompassing drones, folk, dervish progressive work and a woozy shimmer over and through the entwining melodies. Family Elan are more than just a project or a band, Hladowski has endowed the music here with a such a unique voice that shaky shorthand comparisons would be pointless and a short sell. Music that hints at the devotional rarely feels as inclusive, as communal and as enjoyable as this. Gatefold digisleeve.

The Family Elan - Bow Low Bright Glow (Gatefold CD)

Includes Postage and Packing
Sent 1st Class

The Family Elan - Bow Low Bright Glow (LP)
Stephanie Hladowski - The High High Nest 10" Vinyl
"The story is that these four songs are all that's left of Scatter's scrapped final album. As that free folk assembly went on their separate ways, thankfully vocalist Stephanie Hladowski has collated the tracks into this 10" EP. It feels like these songs have been pulled through the liquid mirror of a now-closed world, with this world being better off for having them. These brief glimpses of the past reveal themselves as further puzzle pieces in the reconfiguration of British traditional songs as part of a living present..." - Scott McKeating, Brainwashed

£6 (including p&p) for EU residents

£7.50 (including p&p) for non-EU residents

Singing At The Moon - Singing Knives Compilation
'Contributions all fall within the parameters of improvised folk or homemade psychedelia, but with a diverse instrumentation and hands-on song craft,,, Singing At The Moon manages to be always idiosyncratic and occasionally otherwordly.' (Derek Walmsley/The Wire)

Track Listing:

Tirath Singh Nirmala - Singing At The Moon

One Ensemble of Daniel Paddon - Low Clowns

Peril Hill - Vapours In August

Chora - Live From The Inky Gazelle Gland

Bridget Hayden - Untitled

Nalle - Are You Beautiful Inside? Are You Here?

Feather Gatherers - Leaves

Big Eyes Family Players - Alenky

Michael Flower Band - Santa Flauta

Tau Emerald - The Piano Key

Inecto School - Mullard's thrid Madrigal

James Green - Ribbon

Ben Raynolds - The Golden Arm

Directing Hand - Down In Yon Forest

McWatt - Untitled

£6 (Including P&P)

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