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The Sayat Nova Project - Logo

The Sayat Nova Project is a non-profit group with the goal of preserving and promoting the musical dialects of the Caucuses. Stefan Williamson Fa one of the groups founders, approached me to create a logo for this project back in December 2012. Looking through their blog for inspiration, which now seems to have morphed into a Facebook page, the video that most struck me was a performance by Ashig Garib. Seeing this old man singing his heart out in the mountains of his homeland almost brought me to tears of joy. The expression of love bursting out of him like a fountain, while his vocal delivery, that is marked with a lifetime of experience, inspired me to attempt to recreate his presence in pen.


Since 2012, some of the results of their project have manifested into a CD/LP/DL entitled 'Mountains of Tounges' on the LM Duplication label (A Hawk and a Hacksaw) please read a full review of the album here.  We at Harmonic Rooms or should I say, me at Harmonic Rooms hope to continue our relationship with the project into the future.
Harry Wheeler



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